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6 Ways You Can Use Technology to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

We live in an era where most of the things we use in the household are run by electricity, and yet we lament the expensive electric bill we are obliged to pay every month. Fortunately, technology has also provided us with devices we can use for a greener living and energy efficient home.

Technology For a More Energy Efficient Home and Lower Carbon Footprint

Whether you are environmentally conscious or you simply want to save money by cutting down your energy bill, below are six technological advancement tools you can use to make your home more energy efficient:

  • Energy Monitor

A good and an easy way to start achieving your goal of saving energy is through installing energy monitor in your home. With the use of advanced energy monitor, you can determine the amount of energy consumption of your electrical devices in your home at a given period of time to help you gauge your energy use.

  • Power Strips

Many household appliances consume energy even when on standby mode or turned off, which translates into wasted electricity and contribute to your overall energy usage. Smart power strips are designed to detect when an electronic device is not in use so they can cut off the power to the device and save energy.

  • Advanced Thermostats

Advanced thermostats are equipped with sensors and can be programmed to automatically turn off or adjust your home’s temperature accordingly based on your schedule, habits, and preferences.

  • Smart and Energy Star Home Appliances

Unlike older models, smart and Energy Star appliances use significantly lower energy (or water) and operate more efficiently. While they will generally cost you more, the amount of energy savings, excellent functionality, and convenience they offer mean these appliances should pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

  • Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation gives you the power to control virtually any appliances in your home using any internet-connected device. Not only is home automation beneficial in terms of reducing your energy use, but it also helps make your home safer and more convenient.

  • LED Lighting

Traditional bulbs are known to add heat in an already hot room. Investing in LED light bulbs can give you significant savings on your lighting energy consumption. LED lights also provide better output, are programmable to adjust color, tone, and brightness, and last longer compared to conventional bulbs.

Having an energy efficient home provides not only greener and more sustainable lifestyle, but it also maximizes comfort, convenience, and allows you to make significant cash savings in your pocket.

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