Tips to Cut Down Electricity Costs in the Kitchen

Electricity is a must in every household. We enjoy the comfort and convenience provided by devices powered by electricity in and out of our houses – it’s safe to say that the world can be hard to imagine without electricity. While we love using electricity, we dread the fact that our monthly utility bills often give us headaches (don’t even ask why).


One of the areas in our homes that is known for high energy consumption is the kitchen. So, if today you are looking for ways on how you can cut down your electric bill, you might want to start in your kitchen. Here are some of the best hot tips to cook up savings in your energy bill in the kitchen:

  1. Identify and eliminate phantom loads in the kitchen. Some of the well-known energy vampires in the kitchen include your coffee maker, microwave, and oven toaster.
  2. Avoid opening your fridge’s doors for longer periods of time. Make sure hot food has been cooled down before putting them inside the refrigerator.
  3. Make the most of your dishwasher and washing machine. Wash only on full loads to save energy. Instead of using your dryer, hang your clothes outside to dry.
  4. Tp prevent heat waste, keep the lids on your cooking pots or pans when cooking. By doing this, you’re using less energy while cooking.
  5. Switch off electric cookers a couple of minutes before your food is cooked and let the residual heat finish the job.
  6. Use energy-efficient appliances.
  7. Clean your electrical appliances in the kitchen regularly.
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