How to Drive Traffic to your Carpet Cleaning Trade Show Booth

It might seem that being an exhibitor at a trade show means that you will be sitting at your booth the entire time, hoping that passersby will stop by your booth to talk to you and that somehow, maybe, these brief and chance conversations and interactions will help build your business.

Seen in this light, it does seem wasteful to invest time, energy, and money into your next carpet cleaning exhibit. But seen from a different perspective, attending in and participating in trade shows like this can be as promising to the growth of your business as the organizers claim it to be. How so? Well, you have to understand that being an exhibitor means effective marketing, even if most of what you are doing is passive selling.

Here are a few tips that would hopefully help to draw crowds to your booth:

  • Utilize social media

You can actually start ensuring people’s attendance to your exhibit, and begin driving traffic to your booth, way before the trade show exhibit even begins.  Social media is a great way to get people’s attention, to send out invitations, and to pass the word along. Hopefully, effectively utilizing the edge that social media can provide you will help to add more warm bodies flocking to your exhibit during the show itself.

Make those invitations as attractive an interesting as people. Are you going to demonstrate a unique way of cleaning a stain from carpets? Is there a new product or equipment you wish to market among potential consumers? Perhaps you can hold a contest of some sort, with a prize such as a free consultation or free carpet cleaning for a specific rug area as a prize.

  • Make your booth or exhibit welcoming and visually interesting and appealing.

Having a booth at a carpet cleaning Salt Lake City UT trade show with nothing more than a few vacuum cleaners on display, and a table and chairs for people to sit, might not be the most welcoming atmosphere to draw guests in. They’re more likely to think that all they will get from a visit to your booth is a boring, sitting-down conversation where they would wish they can get up and leave before you have gone halfway through your written spiel. If you want to draw people to your exhibit and get them to stay, you’re going to have to do better than this.

Try staging a demonstration – perhaps ways and methods by which you clean different stains from different types of carpets. Make sure that you have publicized this demonstration, and given the date and time to make sure that people who are interested will appear. Try to market it as much as possible before the event itself to draw the appropriate target crowd.

Then make your booth welcoming and appealing to your potential audience. Provide adequate and comfortable seating, offer refreshments, even if it is just snacks like cookies and coffee or juice. Make sure there is enough space for your little demonstration, and most importantly, make sure that your speaker is engaging, knowledgeable, experienced, and will be offering invitations to the audience to talk shop with you if they liked your show.

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