Build Your Network at the Next Carpet Cleaning Conference and Trade Show

One way to measure the success of your exhibit at a conference or trade show is the network you leave with after the event. Are you richer in terms of the people and contacts that you know? One of the great things about carpet cleaning conferences and trade shows is that it brings together people with a common interest in the industry – whether they are offering their services, looking to hire a company’s service, looking to get a job, or even looking for a potential investment. You won’t get so many people sharing the same interests within the same room at any other time so that there is no better opportunity to expand your network.

But how do you network? In the babble of voices among attendees and exhibitors, how do you make your voice be heard, and find the spaces in between to make fruitful connections? A lot of it has to do with your own approach and attitude.

  • Practice common courtesy

Yes, the business world is tough, and competitors are likely to be snapping at each other’s heels. But as the old saying goes, you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. Just because the competition is tough is no reason for you to lose your cool. Be kind, respectful, polite, and friendly. You’ll find that people are drawn to these universal values more than they are too pushy, aggressive and demanding people. In a way, the best approach is not to be too aggressive to get what you want.

Remember also that people will remember you – and it will either be as pushy and overbearing, or as professional and polite. What impression do you want to leave with people, whether competitors or potential clients?  What type of impression do you think will be most likely to have them returning your calls as you follow up with them after the event?

  • Networking is about building relationships

Yet again another reason to remember to practice your social skills. After all, being at a trade show to build your network means that you are not there to sell your product or service. And these two goals each require a different approach.

You will want to introduce yourself and your business to people, showcase the unique services that you offer, make friends when the opportunity permits it, and if they become loyal customers of yours, they will serve you well in turn by passing on your company’s reputation to others.

  • Don’t forget to follow up with your leads after the event

The potential that is built during a trade show or conference needs to be nurtured after the event itself. Don’t forget that you weren’t the only exhibitor there at the conference, and chances are good that other Utah carpet cleaning companies are giving you a good run for your money. If you want to draw in customers afterwards, what you do after the trade show or conference is critical.

But be mindful of your timing. It is more than likely that your competition will be just as assertive in following up with their leads afterwards, too. Try to find that opportunity when the potential customer is no longer deluged with follow-up emails, calls and texts by other carpet cleaning companies to make sure that your email or text is not drowned out by the crowd. It would also be good if you can personalize your follow-up emails to what you may remember of the concern that each person expressed during the show itself.

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