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How to Save Money With These 6 Electrician Tips

Electrical repair services are one of those universal things we have to deal with in the household. With constant use, electrical wiring and appliances get worn out over time, leading to defects or malfunctioning. Moreover, performing electrical work from time to time is also essential to ensure your wiring systems are safe and in the […]

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Tips to Cut Down Electricity Costs in the Kitchen

Electricity is a must in every household. We enjoy the comfort and convenience provided by devices powered by electricity in and out of our houses – it’s safe to say that the world can be hard to imagine without electricity. While we love using electricity, we dread the fact that our monthly utility bills often […]

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Dealing with Electrical Burns

If a family member or a colleague at work suffers from an electrical burn, do you know what to do? When an individual comes into contact with electricity, an electric shock occurs. As electricity flows into a portion of the body, it causes a trauma, which in turn may result in no injuries at all […]

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